Elder's Guide to the Garou

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Garou. The Warriors of the Gaia. The Wolf-Shifters. The Lords of the Impergnium. The Lupine. The Wolf-Shifters. The Werewolves.


Werewolves were the Winner of the a survey of the most desired Supernatural Species in the World of Darkness that the Princes of Darkness team held after the release of the Kuei-Jin and Hunters, and without further ado, the garou are ready to unleash the Wolves of War!

What are the Garou?

Simply, the Garou are the Werewolves of the World of Darkness. They are one of many 'Fera' that Gaia made to fulfill a role. The Garou, the Werewolves, are her Warriors, her sword against the threats that would harm her. Your basic idea of a Werewolf is true. They are shapeshifters, that can wear the form of a human and a wolf. But, the Garou are much more than that. Some of the notions you have about the Garou may be true or wrong based on the pop culture of a Werewolf's image. For example;

Werewolves are Cursed. This is false. Most of the Garou see their condition as a sacred blessing, but not without burden. They are made to fight the Corruption at the heart of creation and the stasis of supreme order, as champions of the wild and untamed places.

Werewolves can spread their condition with a bite. This is false. While the more spiritual werewolves can transfer a curse with a bite, the gift of changing is a gift of birth. Only those Gaia blesses herself with the blood of the wolf in them can ever change. This happens to Kinfolk, people or wolves with with Werewolf blood in them, undergo a change during adolescence or puberty.

Werewolves can and must change only under a full moon. This is false. Werewolves can change at any time, so long as they have Rage. Luna, the Celestine, or Goddess, of the Moon, can restore their rage. Also, Werewolves are usually full cognizant and reasoning while transformed.

A Werewolf is weak to Silver. This is true. Werewolves are blessed with Rage by Luna, who grants them much, but she also puts onto them a downside. A Werewolf can be harmed very easily by silver. Werewolves heal from most wounds with staggering speed, but Silver can maim them and disable this boon, and they will struggle to heal from this horrible wound.

All Werewolves are Humans that can turn into a Wolf. This is false. Werewolves can be born to either humans or wolves. Those born Human are called Homids, and those born to Wolves are called Lupus. Each have different spiritual powers.

These are the fundamental basics of 'being' a werewolf. They are the holy berserkers of Gaia, the Earth itself, sworn to protect her with not just Fur and Claw, but Gnosis and Rage. They are half flesh and half spirit, just as they are half man and half wolf. To be a Garou is to know this, and to be this. Some have fallen though, and danced the Black Spiral, becoming the Black Spiral Dancers, Garou sworn to destruction and decay, and fight for the Wyrm, the Great Destroyer, once a being of balance driven insane by the Weaver, the being of ultimate order.

The Tribes

Garou are divided into Tribes. There are Tribes all over the world, but the ones you will see are those local to where Crusader Kings 3 takes place.

The Tribes.png

Tribes are political affiliations of Garou, represented as Religions, with smaller 'Camps' being individual faiths. The Tribe is a key piece of their Identity, determining how they go about their mission. The tribes are as follows;

The Black Furies, the Matriarchs of the Garou, the Warrior Women of Gaia sworn to protect women of both humanity and wolf from the exploitation of patriarchal societies.

The Bone Gnawers, the Scavengers and Survivors, the downtrodden of the Garou. The Bone Gnawers live wherever their kin live in squalor, and wait for when they may rise as underdogs.

The Children of Gaia, the Peacekeepers and Diplomats, the tribe who hope to unify the Garou and all humanity against the Wyrm through cooperation and understanding.

The Fianna, the Werewolves of the Celtic World, the Tribe of Bards and Druids, the Lore Keepers, one of the spiritual hearts of the Garou.

The Get of Fenris, the Warriors of the Garou. As the Warriors of a Warrior People, few can match a Get in combat, for their rage knows few bounds.

The Red Talons, the Wolves of the Werewolves, a tribe of only Lupus, who see humanity as a plague and vector for the Wyrm, an upstart that must be culled.

The Shadow Lords, the Manipulators and Chess Masters, the enemies of the Tzimisce, the Garou that pull strings and control the shadows to win the war for Gaia.

The Silent Striders, the Garou of North Africa, exiled from their homeland in Egypt, the Couriers, who hope to one day end the curse the Vampire Set thrust upon them.

The Silver Fangs, the Lords of the Garou, Werewolves of Noble Birth and bearing, great wolf kings charged with leading the Garou to glory.

The Warders of Men, the Garou who see the best in humanity, and want to foster their rise and growth, so humanity may join them side by side in the war against the Wyrm.

Finally, the Stargazers, the thoughtful Garou, to the far East, seeking contemplation and understanding, and greater spiritual enlightenment.

These tribes have smaller 'camps' that you can also join, symbolizing smaller mindsets and philosophies, that have more specific focuses.

The Auspices

Auspice is the sign of the Moon a Garou is born under. Luna is very connected to the Garou, and the face she wore determines their duty to their pack and their people, the greatest height of their spirituality. This is deeper than any human caste system, as an Auspice is a Garou's spiritual face, and how they fight for Gaia.

The Ragabash is the Trickster, the Garou that tests the laws, and thrives in Intrigue.

The Theurge is the Mystic, the Garou that explores the spiritual world, and excels in Learning.

The Philodox is the Judge, the Garou that mediates and calls upon judgement for Garou, and masters Stewardship.

The Galliard is the Keeper, the Garou that masters both lore and song, and pioneers Diplomacy.

The Ahroun is the Warrior, the Garou most attuned to war and battle, and the masters of Marshal.

Auspice is a sacred thing, and not to be changed without a dire call. The Auspice is the spiritual core of a Garou, and how they best focus and excel at their Luna given task.

The Breeds

In Princes of Darkness, the Garou have two primary 'breeds' as mentioned earlier. Homid, those born to Human, Lupus, those born to wolves. Typically, Members of a Breed will only have their children with their breed. Most Garou are homid however, and the most Lupus in Princes of Darkness will be among the Red Talons. As a Lupus, you will occasionally have your pups that changed come forward and join your family, while as a Homid, you must fare the night and find Human Kinfolk to keep your line going.

Garou Primary Mechanics

Garou mainly use a government type called 'Litany'. Litany governments have Kinfolk Buildings, and Garou can also build Werewolf Buildings, on top of Kinfolk buildings. Garou use Gold for fielding armies, Piety for abilities and War, and prestige for buildings.


For getting heirs, Lupus have it easiest. Lupus will occasionally get heirs from the wilds as your pup children emerge and announce their lineage. Homids however have to do it themselves. In most cases, your Baronies will give you the foundation for heirs.

Kinfolk are the key here. A marriage between a Garou and Kinfolk will result in kinfolk that can change into werewolves during puberty. Use the kinfolk children for alliances, while the Werewolves will inherit everything else. While your domain can be inherited by a Kinfolk, it will suck as their penalties for a Kinfolk leading Werewolves. Therefore, you want to have as many kids as possible.

Beyond that, werewolves, like vampires, have a special resource. Instead of Blood and the Masquerade, they have Gnosis and Rage.

Rage and Gnosis.png

Rage and Gnosis both refill with time. Rage is used for Shapeshifting and Duels, and Gnosis is used for your special lifestyles, Gifts. Both, like healing, take time, but automatically refill, like Sekhem. Unlike Sekhem, you get these back from meditation and the moon, so you can restore these anywhere.

Finally, we have shapeshifting, which, all Garou can do. Through an interaction and potentially expending a rage, you can change between 1 of 5 forms. Homid the Human, Glabro the Primal Human, Crinos the War Wolf, Hispo the Primal Wolf, and Lupus the Wolf. Each have their own drawbacks and benefits, so you can choose which form best suits the circumstances.

New Tenants

The Garou care about the Triat, the 3 Greater Gods that are meant to be in balance. However, when the Weaver and Wyrm went insane, things fell out of Balance. This is reflected in the new Triatic Tenants.





Each of these tenants show which faiths are connected to which member of the Triat. If they oppose your balance, they could be an enemy. If you are a Garou, they may also have the Garou Nation Tenant, which shows you your allies in the war against the Mad Triat.

The Garou Nation.png

Relationship with other Supernaturals

Finally, the last big question. How do Garou react to vampires?

Fuck dem Setites.png


Let's not beat around the bush here. As a Garou, you are fighting a losing war. Vampires are debasing the cities, and the psychopaths of the false god Yahweh are killing themselves over a pointless conflict. Demons are rising and killing people left and right. And here you are, Gaia's first and last line of defense. These are your enemies. Alliances with vampires never end well. Hunters will kill your children and murder wolves left and right. Mummies are unwitting servants to the Wyrm (except if you believe the Silent Striders). It is up to you to destroy them. As a Warrior of Gaia, this is your charge, duty, and destiny.

The Black Spiral Dancers

However, as with all things, there is an exception. Some Werewolves have fallen from their task, and danced the depths of Madness. Some ally themselves with vampires and demons and seek to destroy Gaia, to end all suffering and relish in the death throes of the world. These mad monsters, born of pain and perpetuating it, will work with any force to hasten the death of the world.

The Black Spiral.png

These are the Black Spiral Dancers. The Lost Tribe. The Wolves of the Wyrm. As a Garou, they are the familiar perverted. They side with any creature to hasten Gaia's demise. If you play as one, you can potentially take one step further, and if you listen to your 'Grandmother'...

Beware when Fur and Fang meet, Pups of Gaia. For some things are the worst of both worlds combined.