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Resonance corresponds to the humor of the blood consumed by a vampire. It is like a flavor. In Princes of Darkness Mod, it is not completely random. The resonance corresponds to the personality of the victim based on their personality and a few other traits. It corresponds to the humors of medieval humorism.

Resonance provides (lifestyle) experience, which can be spent to buy perks in the discipline (lifestyle) trees.

Victims also have resonance of varying intensity: negligible, fleeting, intense and acute. The more intense the victim’s resonance, the more resonance experience your character gains from drinking their blood. Intensity is also not completely random. Good congenital, education and lifestyle style traits have a chance of increasing intensity. Certain famous (or infamous) historical characters will also have higher resonance intensity. Poor health, like being a walking corpse, will decrease the intensity of resonance.

If you find a victim with intense resonance, particularly of the kind of resonance you are seeking, it may make sense to make them part of your “herd” through the “herdify” scheme. When a vampire drinks the blood of a victim, it may cause blood loss health modifier on a mortal, or increase hunger in a vampire victim. This will decrease the intensity of resonance available until the herd recovers. As of the update, you can automate the process of a vampire drinking from their herd. Vampires with the advanced dominate elder perk to modify herd’s resonance flavor (as well as change their personality traits); further vampires with advanced presence elder perk can increase the intensity of herd’s resonance.



This chart shows the trait correspondence with the resonance: choleric, phlegmatic, melahcnoly, sanguine and animal.


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Resonance is far less random in Princes of Darkness Mod in V5, and it is possible to farm generations of mortals to produce more intense resonance of particular humors.