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Patch 1.9 of CK3 added a Regencies mechanic which doesn't fit the World of Darkness. Instead, PoD has reworked it into a similar, but with some key differences, Power Struggle mechanic.

When can a Power Struggle starts?

Some realms start in a power struggle if their lore situation warrants it. But anyone (all types of characters are concerned) can fall dynamically into a power struggle if a powerful vassal is more prestigious, powerful (levies numbers) and dislike their liege. This vassal can then "ask" for a share of power.


The liege can refuse, but it will be costly. And the vassal can ask again if the conditions are still met 10 years later.

Note that the AI can fully utilize this feature, both with or against you (and between themselves).

What happens during a Power Struggle?

Basically all vanilla regencies mechanics are in (except succession, Power Struggles aren't inheritable). You can put the diarch to work, they can interfere with you, there are events, they can try to grow their own power at your expense... etc etc.

PoD adds bonus modifiers for having a good diarch. So it might actually be beneficial to have a loyal and competent diarch at your side in some instances. As you can see in the screenshot, Julia is actually an asset to Hardestadt in various key ways.


A diarch with 100% power can try to overthrow their liege diplomatically, militarily or by intrigue. If it works, they take the realm. It gives another way for players to scheme inside their realms and a more loreful transition of power that is very much closer to the WoD than the old civil wars.