Kuei-Jin Objectives

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Our bookmarks have a number of powerful and fun objectives for Kuei-Jin to attempt. These objectives will shape the world around them with rewards ranging from Titles and Traits to rewards that can change the world. Note that the AI can also complete these objectives, and there are some which overlap.

Kuei-Jin Objectives

Advance Dharma

Available to: Kuei Jin characters with Dharma 8 and below

Requirements: Piety (Cost depending on Dharma), "Dah" Modifier

Rewards: Rise of Dharma by 1

Achieve Enlightenment

Available to: Kuei Jin characters with Dharma 9

Requirements: Piety 100000+ or "Dah" Modifier, "Knowledge of the Thousand Cranes Mother" modifier (if "Thrashing Dragon" Religion), You killed 500 Characters (if "Devil Tiger" Religion), "Wisdom of Black Pearl Mistress" modifier (if "Song of the Shadow" Religion), Capital Empire must completely follow your Faith (if "Resplendent Cranes" Religion), raised and killed 23+ Dhampyr (if "Thousand Wispers" Religion)

Rewards: Gain "Dharma 10" Trait

Rise of the Scarlet Sun

Available to: Kuei Jin characters in India

Requirements: Independent, Completely control Rajastan, Deccan, and Bengal.

Rewards: Unify your de jure title under the “India” empire title. Personal prestige. Either A/ 5000 gold or B/ “Rebel Conqueror of the West” character modifier.

Purifying the Black Tortoise

Available to: Kuei Jin characters (not Infernalists) in the Steppe Region

Requirements: Independent, "Anda Horde" title must be destroyed, before 1373

Rewards: Prestige, Dynasty Prestige, "Paragon" Trait, Claim on Anda Ruler Territory and Bloodline Holy Wars against them

Reorganize the White Tiger

Available to: Kuei Jin characters in the Tibet Region

Requirements: Independent, Kingdom or Empire Tier title, "Current Emperor Da" and "Former Emperor Fan" must be your vassals if they are alive, You control Beshbalik and Shazhou, before Qiuncunx Unification

Rewards: Prestige, Dynasty Prestige, "Paragon" Trait, "White Tiger Court", Your Faiths fervor increases by 25

* Dev build only for now
** Currently in Development