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The World of Darkness can be a very dangerous place for mortal men and women, the victims of dreaded vampires, brutal and murderous shape changers, witches and warlocks of frightening power, and many more horrors in the dark. But some, with the power of faith, zeal, drive, and determination, resolve to resist the darkness, to not go softly into the night, but to instead take it back. No matter the odds, they have held some enclaves against the darkness, and are determined to not lose the night again. These brave men and women...

Are Hunters.

What are Hunters?

Hunters are otherwise mortal men and women that have devoted themselves to protecting mortalkind against the machinations of supernaturals. In Princes of Darkness, they are mortals, usually blessed with True Faith and Imbued with divine power, are more or less small fish in an ocean of sharks. To survive as a hunter, you must be cunning, shrewd, determined, and of strong will to survive the onslaught of the creatures of the night.

Hunter Bookmark.png

At the start of the Mixed Supernatural Bookmark, you will have the choice of the 6 Hunters of the Shadow Inquisition, and the Shih, hidden over in Asia, in Kuei-Jin territory. None of them have easy starting positions, but can make for an excellent challenge.

The Basics

More than any other supernatural creature, the Hunter is the closest to vanilla Crusader Kings 3. The exception to this is succession. The 'base' Inquisitor ages at a normal pace normal for a human, doesn't lose prowess from growing older, has a small prowess boost, and otherwise starts with a heavy opinion malus to other Non-Mortal, Non-Hunters. The Shih however have a slightly mitigated form of this.

Succession is where Hunters differ, however.

Hunter Synopsis.png

Let's start with our local Inquisitors, the militant arm of the Catholic Church, the group that will eventually turn into the Society of Leopold, become one of the founding members of the Shadow Inquisition, and the Entity, the Catholic church's secret cabal of holy warriors against the Supernatural threat, carrying the light of God into the night against these foul, supernatural beasts.

House Von Murnau is the most like the base game of CK3. Each child born into your family has a chance of becoming a Hunter throughout their life, and Independent Hunters work much the same way. The Oculi Deli, the Inquisitors on the northern coast of Western Europe, can 'ordinate' their family as well as non family members to join their ranks. Meanwhile, the other orders are more picky. The Order of St. James, the Knights of Acre, and the Red Order must 'ordinate' prospective mortals through a character interaction, not much unlike a vampire's embrace in game mechanics. The Sisters of St. Jojn do the same, but can only do so with younger women.

The Shih are a tad different. They, like the Kuei-Jin, use Chi, and special lifestyle tree to represent their use of Chi. Additionally, where other hunters have a massive -100 opinion modifier to other supernaturals, the Shih also get another trait that offsets this a bit, which lowers it to only -25, so they can actually work with other supernaturals a bit.



Like the other core creature types, Hunters have unique lifestyle trees. Each one has a special tree based on their dynasty if they are one of the original six orders, or the Chi arts of the Shih. Independent Hunters don't have their own tree. Additionally, Hunters can develop their True Faith paths by killing other supernaturals. The Shih have the Qiao, the arts of channeling Chi, while the Shadow Inquisition has Convistion, the fires of faiths that drive them to greater heights. The conviction of the Inquisition gives more traits and has a more narrow focus, while the Qiao is much greater in scope, but also more versatile.



Dynasties are a bit different for Hunters. As they have a form of adoption, a Dynasty rather represents the history of the order. Independents function like similar dynasties, while the Shadow Inquisition adopts or trains them. Each hunter faction is its own, relatively small dynasty. That puts every bookmarked character in control of how they spend their dynasty prestige (which can be earned from wonders, signature buildings and most rapidly, killing notorious vampires). The dynasty perks not usable by vampires have had their costs lowered to vanilla levels which means as a lay order you can relatively quickly complete the familiar Blood legacy track to kickstart that breeding program and as clerical order, you have a brand new legacy track designed just for them that significantly improves all future candidates for Inquisitors and gives the old hunters a consolation bonus as well (those are the tiny bonuses that you can see, the main thing happens when new Inquisitors/prospects are generated).

Succession is also a bit different. Due to hunters having a limited lifespan, succession is a much bigger deal for the Shadow Inquisition. Instead, most Hunters use Ultimogeniture. Shadow Inquisition values zeal above all else and that is a young soul's strongest virtue, so the youngest inherits the reins of their Mentor.

The Hunt

Hunters couldn't be Hunters if they just sat on their thrones all day! So, Hunters have a special form of interaction they can use on enemy vampires called 'Find Lair'.


More or less, Hunts are the process of which you loot out a vampires hidden lair. Chance of success is based on realm size and the stats of the active participants. When the scheme finishes, you can confront the vampire, and make a contested skill check against each other. If you succeed, the fowl creature is destroyed, and you get Lifestlye XP and Dynasty Prestige. You also get XP if you execute the vampire as well. Both of these are key to advancing your growth as a hunter, so good hunters will be more powerful than others.

Major Objectives

Hunters have a number of major objectives. For the Shadow Inquisition, your tenuous positions must be strengthened, and your strengths emphasized, and you must ensure your fellow orders don't collapse either. For the Shih, you must restore the Celestial Army, to ensure you don't fall into such a weakened state ever again. For a rough overview of what this entails, we have them listed in our Hunter Section of the our Major Objectives wiki page;

With these explanations in mind, this should provide a good basis for how to play the Hunter. With these in mind, take on the Night, and secure the World of Darkness for the Children of the Light!