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Gifts are powers a shapeshifter can learn from spirits and each other.

Gifts in PoD

Gifts take the form of lifestyles trees. These Lifestyles are ordered by categories: Breed, Tribe and Planetary. Fera have access to some common gifts for their breed while Garou have additionally access to gifts from their Auspice.

After collecting 1000 experience of a specific category a Garou or Fera can chose to advance a gift of this category by taking a new perk. A Garou or Fera needs to fulfil the requirement (right tribe, breed, changing breed and auspice) to be able to choose a perk in that tree.

Gaining Experience

There are several ways of gaining experience. Focusing on a gift gives passive experience while spiritual quests or training with your pack give a lot of experience at once.

Unlike vampires, Kuei-Jin and Fae there are almost no restrictions on learning the more powerful gifts. The only exception are legendary gifts.

Legendary Tribe Gifts

Some Tribes and every auspice have a legendary gift which can be unlocked after completing a quest to confirm their rank. The legendary gifts are the 9th perk in a lifestyle and not every tribe has one.

Planetary Gifts

These are gifts every (non-wyrm corrupted) Fera and Garou can gain through understanding the Courts of the different Incarna in the Umbra.

Planetray Gifts.png


Earth Sense: + 5 controlled territory defender advantage

Herb Call: Massive disease resistance boost, - 5 plague danger, - 25% herb material costs

Oaksong: + 25% scheme discovery chance

Lore of the Land: - 25% enemy defensive advantage

Earth Heal: + 15% piety and prestige from buildings, - 15% building construction time, - 15% building prestige cost, Unlocks "Earth Heal" Interaction


Lambent Sight: + 1 intrigue, + 2 prowess injury resistance

Moonpool of Sokhta: + 10% scheme discovery chance, - 10% enemy hostile scheme success chance, Learn of schemes against close characters (friend, family, lover and consort), Reduced chance of prisoners escaping

Moonriver: No river & strait cross penalty

Mooncat: Unlocks "Mooncat" Shapeshift Form

Moondream: + 10 combat advantage


Find the Hearts Flame: + 10% pursuit efficiency

Flame of the Wind Rider: + 25% movement speed in Winter, + 5 combat advantage in Winter

Ride the Solar Winds: - 10% chance of being trapped in the Umbra, + 100% monthly Umbra exploration progress

Hand of the Sun: + 25% enemy fatal casualties

Cleansing Flame: + 5 prowess, - 15% siege phase time


Speed of the Messenger: + 20% army movement speed, + 20% travel speed

Sticky Finger: + 5 attacker advantage

Deliberate Misinformation: - 15% retreat losses

Mercurial Messenger: + 5 "Learn Language" schemes, + 75% "Learn Language" scheme power

Madthought: + 5 Max battle Roll


Uncloak the Hidden: + 10% scheme discovery chance

Shadow of the Ebon Whisperer: - 10% friendly fatal casualties

Hidden Heart: + 10% scheme secrecy

Whisperer in the Dark: + 25% "Find Secret" progress speed

Ebon Binding: + 25% "Find Secret" progress speed, Unlocks "Ebon Binding" Interaction


Find the Child Within: + 5 general opinion

Mantle of the Land: + 5 defender advantage

Veil of the Mother: - 25% retreat losses

Motherly Guardian: + 25% pursuit efficiency

Bring Forth the Future: - 15% friendly fatal casualties


Battlesense: + 5 attacker advantage

Shards of Icy Rage: + 3 prowess

Nerigal's Call to Arms: + 5 sprit damage and toughness, + 5 animal damage and toughness

Challenge of Single Combat: + 3 prowess, Can challenge rivals during wars

Hearts of the Ice Warrior: Cannot die through wounds


Rouse the Anger: Unlocks "Rouse to Anger" Interaction

Foetracker: + 15% pursuit efficiency

Savagery of the Taloned Hunter: Unlocks "Savagery of the Taloned Hunter" Interaction

Hunter's Horn: + 20% dread gain

Pack Mind: "Pack Mind" Battle Modifier (enemy)


Aura of Leadership: + 15% knight effectiveness, + 15% legitimacy gain

Proclamation of Action: + 1 martial

Undisputed Rule: - 20% short reign duration, + 25% long reign bonus, + 25% legitimacy gain, - 5% legitimacy loss

Enthronement: + 3 prowess, - 15% title creation cost

Grand Gesture: + 1 diplomacy, + 10 independent ruler opinion, + 0,2 monthly prestige per level of legitimacy


Sense Limits: + 10 hostile scheme power

Peace of the Counselor: + 50% siege progess against rebels, + 30% hostile raid time, Unlocks "Purchase Truce" Interaction

Pall of Despair: "Pall of Despair" Battle Modifier (enemy)

Harmonious Slumber: + 30% stress loss

Burden of Knowledge: Unlocks "Burden of Knowledge" Interaction


Find the Portent: + 1 hostile scheme

Hidden Depths: + 15% hostile scheme resistance, + 10% scheme discovery chance

Unravel: + 2 learning

Blank Slate: + 1 intrigue, + 10% scheme secrecy

Diplomatic Immunity: + 50% different faith tax, + 10 different faith opinion, + 50% different faith levy reinforcement rate


Threads of the Tapestry: + 1 diplomacy, +1 intrigue

Fixit: + 30% siege weapon effectiveness, + 30% siege weapon toughness

Tangling the Skein: - 15% tyranny gain, + 15% tyranny loss, -0,05 monthly tyranny

Shantar's Loom: + 1 siege weapon regiment, - 20% siege weapon recruitment and maintenance cost

Drown: + 5 prowess


Sense of the Transformation: Learn name of close characters (friend, family, lover and consort) murderer

Shorten the Road: + 20% army movement speed, + 20% travel speed, - 10% chance of being trapped in the Umbra, + 100% monthly Umbra exploration progress

Wyld Spirits: "Erratic Behaviour" Battle Modifier (enemy)

Sleeps's Travels: + 20% diplomatic range

Essential Transformation: - 5% stress gain, Unlocks "Essential Transformation" Interaction


Bastet Common Gifts.png


Pathfinder's Pride: + 30% travel speed, - 5 travel danger

Silent Stalking: - 5 "Infiltration" mission suspicion

Shriek: "Deafened" Battle Modifier (enemy)

Cheshire Prank: + 15% scheme secrecy

Freyja's Blessing: + 35% fertility, Unlocks "Freyja's Blessing" Interaction

Fortuna: + 1 monthly tax, + 5% monthly income

Jump to the Moon: + 75% monthly Umbra exploration progress

Withering Stare: + 5 prowess, Unlocks "Withering Stare" Interaction


Bastet Homid Gifts.png


Sweet Hunter's Smile: + 25% "Befriend" and "Seduce" Scheme Power

Cat Claws: + 5 prowess

Eavesdropper's Ear: Unlocks "Reveal Scheme" Interaction

Craft of the Maker: Reduce Inspiration commission cost

Babel's Cure: + 1 "Learn Language" Scheme, + 75% "Learn Language" Scheme Power

Monkey's Uncle: Unlocks "Reshape Face" Shapeshift Form

Deny the Hungry: Unlocks "Deny the Hungry" Interaction

Madness: Unlocks "Madness" Interaction

Bastet Feline Gifts.png


Kitten's Cry: - 10% friendly fatal casualties

Mark as Mine: Unlocks "Buy Artifact Claim" Interaction

Killer's Leap: - 10% embarkment cost, No river & strait cross penalty

Perfect Cover: - 20% retreat losses

Underbelly: - 20% siege phase time

Hand of Will: + 20% siege weapon effectiveness

Judgement of Pestilence: Unlocks "Absorb Disease" and "Release Disease" Interaction

Revolt of the Land: - 50% enemy defensive advantage, +5 combat advantage in jungle, forest and taiga

Bastet Metis Gifts.png


Sense Primal Nature: - 10% enemy defensive advantage

Blinding Moonbeam Gaze: "Blinded by Moonbeam" Battle Modifier (enemy)

Whisker Sight: + 10 hostile scheme resistance, + 5 "Abduct" scheme resistance

Fist of Cahlash: + 5 prowess

Moon's Gateway: Unlocks "Moon's Gateway" Interaction

Redeem the Waste: - 20% building construction timer, + 25 popular opinion

Moon Sense: + 5 scheme discovery chance, - 5% enemy hostile scheme success chance, Less chance of prisoners escaping, Notification for murder schemes against family and lovers/consorts

Wrath of Nala: Unlocks "Unleash Wrath of Nala" Interaction


Bagheera Gifts.png


Humbaba's Escape: Cannot be captured after sieges

Treeclimber: + 3 combat advantage in jungle, forest and taiga

Ojas Surge: Unlocks "Ojas Surge" Interaction

Cobras Dance: Increase Chance to imprison characters after a siege or raid

Traveller's Tongues: + 1 "Learn Language" Scheme, + 75% "Learn Language" Scheme Power

The Paradox of Time: "Confused by the Paradox" Battle Modifier (enemy)

Shiva's Might: Unlocks "Shiva the Destroyer" and "Kali the Dark Mother" shapeshift form

Part the Curtain: + 50% diplomatic range, + 50% monthly Umbra exploration progress

Bubasti Gifts.png


Alms of the Poor: - 0,3 monthly taxes, + 0,5 monthly piety

Scholar's Friend: + 50% monthly sorcery lifestyle experience

Mousemaze: "Confused by the Mousemaze" Battle Modifier (enemy)

Banish Cahlash's Brood: + 25% Men-at-Arms counter efficiency

The Many Tongues of Ptah: + 2 "Lern Language" Schemes

The Scarab's Flight: + 15 hostile scheme resistance

Shadow Brethren: Unlocks "Summons Shadowy Duplicate" Interaction

Spirit Wall: + 50% spirit toughness, +25% spirit maintenance

The Fleeing Scarab: Gain Trait: "Immortal", Resurrect after death

Ceilican Gifts.png


Mother's Blessing/Curse: Unlocks "Mother's Blessing/Curse" Interaction

Satyr's Wisdom: Gain Trait: "Eager Reveler"

Banish Burning: + 100% supply limit

Sorcerer's Blade: Unlocks "Sorcerer's Blade" Interaction

Phantasm: + 10 hostile scheme power

Small Cousin: Unlocks "Cat" shapeshift form

Chariot of Lions: + 5 prowess, + 10% army movement speed

The Madness of Crowds: Unlocks "The Madness of Crowds" Interaction, Unlocks "Maniac" Men-at-Arms

Khan Gifts.png


Rhino's Favor: + 5 prowess

Skin of Jade: + 5 prowess injury resistance

Ricepaper Walk: - 5 "Infiltration" mission suspicion

Paws of the Raging Spirit Tiger: + 5 prowess, No Gnosis Cost for hurting, imprisoning, torturing and executing spirits

Maker's Charm: Reduce Inspiration commission cost

Dragonroar: + 5 prowess

Call to Battle: + 5 combat advantage, "Heard Call to Battle" Battle Modifier

Thousand Thunder Strike: - 30% siege phase time

Simba Gifts.png


Majesty: + 15% dread gain, + 20% legitimacy gain

Submit: - 15% tyranny loss, - 5% legitimacy loss

Rallying Challenge: Unlocks "Rallying Challenge" Interaction

Fireroar: + 5 prowess

Shadow the Moon's Light: + 20% scheme secrecy

King of Beasts: + 5 animal Men-at-Arms regiments, + 5 animal damage, + 5 animal toughness

Command the Multitude: + 2 Men-at-Arms regiments, + 15 popular opinion, + 40 legitimacy baseline

Rising Sun: Increase chance to wound or kill enemy vampire and Kuei-Jin in combat

Royal Privilege: + 100% monthly lifestyle experience, Allows another Breed and Tribe lifestyle tree without having the Trait/Faith

Swara Gifts.png


Diamond Claws: + 5 prowess

Impala's Flight: + 10% army movement speed, + 20% travel speed

Walking Between Worlds: + 50% monthly Umbra exploration progress

Dance of the Chaya: Unlocks "Seek Aid of the Spirits" decision

Clearwater Passage: Unlocks "Water Form" shapeshift form

Ghost Caress: Unlocks "Ghost Caress" Interaction

River of Blood: - 20% building construction time, - 5% piety, prestige and gold building construction cost

All Beasts Under the Sun: Unlocks "Wolf", "Boar", "Lion", "Giant Serpent", "Rat", "Bat", "Insect" and "Snake" shapeshift form



Garou Homid.png


Persuasion: + 25% "Befriend" and "Seduce" schemes power

Apecraft's Blessing: Unlocks "Commission Artifact" without an Antiquarian

Divide: Unlocks "Divide" interaction

Speech of the World: + 1 "Learn Language" scheme, + 75% "Learn Language" scheme power

Staredown: +10 Dread

Reshape Objects: Reduce "Commission Artifact" and "Sponsor Inspiration" costs

Assimilation: + 10 same and different culture opinion

Beyond Human: + 3 diplomacy, martial, stewardship, intrigue and learning

Garou Lupus.png


Predator's Arsenal: + 5 prowess

Axis Mundi: + 20% travel speed, + 10% army movement speed

Wyld Ferocity: Raid reduces development by 2

Catfeet: + 5 prowess

Beast Life: + 5 animal regiment sizes, + 50% animal pursuit

Terror of the Dire Wolf: Improves "Wyld Ferocity"

Boon of the Animal Fathers: - 50% enemy defensive advantage

Elemental Gifts: + 15% spirit damage and toughness, Unlocks "Earth Elemental", "Fire Elemental", "Air Elemental" and "Water Elemental" Men-at-Arms

Garou Metis.png


Primal Anger: + 1 prowess, Unlocks "Primal Anger" interaction

Shed: - 5% retreat loss, + 10% travel speed

Curse of Hatred: "Curse of Hatred" Battle Modifier

Chameleon: + 10% scheme secrecy, - 10% enemy defensive advantage

Shell: Adds strong mental defence

Wither Limb: Unlocks "Wither Limb" interaction

Protean Form: Unlocks "Protean" shapeshift form

Umbral Body: + 10 monthly umbra exploration progress, "Umbral Body" protection


Black Furies Gifts.png

Black Furies

True Shot: + 10% Archer and Archer Cavalry damage, + 0,1 Archer and Archer Cavalry Siege Progress

Arion's Burden: + 10% Animal, Light Cavalry and Archer Cavalry Damage, + 20% Animal, Light Cavalry and Archer Cavalry pursuit

Curse of Aeolus: + 2 combat advantage in dryland. + 3 combat advantage in Plains, Farmland, Oasis and Steppe, + 4 combat advantage in jungle and floodplains, + 5 combat advantage in wetlands

Heart Claw: +15% Enemy Fatal Casualties

Wings of Pegasus: +10% army movement speed, + 20% travel speed, No river & strait cross penalty

Blizzard of Arrows: +5 to Archer and Archer Cavalry regiment size

Storm of the Mother's Wrath: Unlocks "Unleash Storm of the Mother's Wrath" interaction

Walk With Hades: Unlocks access to the underworld, + 5 monthly umbra exploration progress

Bone Gnawer Gifts.png

Bone Gnawers

Declamation: + 1 "Learn Language" scheme

Tagalong: Unlocks "Tagalong" interaction

Hootenanny: + 15% Knight Effectiveness

Garbage Diving: Unlocks "Garbage Diving" interaction

Beg: Unlocks "Beg" interaction

Infest: + 15% army pursuit, Unlocks "Insect" Men-at-Arms

Survivor: Protects for disease and inappetetic

Riot: Unlocks "Provoke Revolt" interaction

Children of Gaia Gifts.png

Children of Gaia

Water-Conning: + 100% Supply Duration

Swallow Rage: + 30% Stress Loss

Spellbinding Oration: + 25% Personal Scheme Power

Spirit Friend: + 5 Spirit Damage and Toughness, Unlocks "Materialized Spirits" Men-at-Arms

Speech of All Things: + 1 "Learn Language" Scheme

Unicorn's Grace: - 5% Stress Gain

The Living Wood: Unlocks "Animated Trees" Men-at-Arms

Trust of Gaia: + 10 General Opinion

Fianna Gifts.png


Salmon Leap: - 10% Embarkation Cost, No river & strait cross penalty

Two Tongues: + 1 Max Personal Schemes

Brew: + 3 monthly Gold

Ley Lines: - 25% Retreat Losses

Faerie Kin: + 10% Army Screen, + 50% faerie toughness and screen, + 10 summer and spring opinion

Airitech's Daughters: Unlocks "Turn into Crinos Werewolf" interaction

Fog on the Moor: Unlocks "Mist" Shapeshift form

Forms of Cernunnos: Unlocks "Animal" Shapeshift forms

Sleep of the Hero: Enter Torpor if you killed or deposed

Get of Fenris Gifts.png

Get of Fenris

Safe Haven: + 5 Controlled Defender Advantage

Visage of Fenris: + 10 Natural Dread

Sense Guilt: + 20% Dread Gain

Might of Thor: + 5 Prowess

Loki's Touch: + 20 Same Faith Opinion

Glory-Scars: +20 Prowess Injury Resistance

Strength of the Ancestors: - +5 House Opinion, every Werewolf Parent, Grandparent, and Great Grandparent adds +1 Prowess and Martial

Fenris' Bite: + 5 Prowess

Call Great Fenris: Unlocks ""

Red Talon Gifts.png

Red Talons

Wolf at the Door: + 5 Dread

Howl of the Pack: + 20% Diplomatic Range

Primal Howl: + 20% Knight Effectiveness

Howl of Hunger: "Curse of Hatred" Battle Modifier

Snap Man's Chains: + 20% animal damage, + 10% animal pursuit

Howl of Death: + 3 Prowess, More chance to wound enemy knights in battle

Blessing of the First Pack: + 1 intrigue

Shattering Howl: - 30% Siege Phase Time

Home in All Lands: - 10% Embarkation Cost, + 10% naval speed, + 10% army movement speed, + 20% travel speed, + 10 monthly umbra exploration progress, Unlocks "Appear" interaction

Shadow Lord Gifts.png

Shadow Lords

Purify Scent: + 10% hostile scheme power, + 5% scheme secrecy

Aura of Confidence: +15% Hostile Scheme Resistance

Hidden Secrets: + 25% Find Secrets Progress Speed

A Thousand Eyes: Unlocks "Bats" Men-at-Arms

Paralyzing Stare: + 25% Dread Gain

Durance: Unlocks "Bind Wraith" and "Command Wraith" interaction, + 1 max. bound wraith

Obedience: - 25% Tyranny Gain, - 5% legitimacy loss

Shadow Pack: Unlocks "Summon Shadowy Duplicate" interaction

Silent Strider Gifts.png

Silent Striders

Silence: + 10% Pursuit Efficiency

Heavens' Guidance: - 10% Retreat Losses

Summon Talisman: - 50% "Buy Artifact Claim" and "Buy Claim" interaction cost

Death Track: Unlocks "Mark for Return" interaction, + 1 max. bound wraith

Long Running: +10% Army Movement Speed, + 30% travel speed

Speed Beyond Thought: +15% Raid Speed, +10% Army Movement Speed, + 20% travel speed

Invocation of the Pharaoh: Unlocks "Pharaoh Form" Shapeshift form

Gate of the Moon: Unlocks "Moon Bridge" interaction

Silver Fang Gifts.png

Silver Fangs

Eye of the Falcon: + 15% Pursuit Efficiency

New Moon's Laughter: + 20 Diplomatic Scheme Power

Word of Honor: +10 Vassal Opinion

Half Moon Diplomacy: +2 Diplomacy

Claim of Authority: +10 Vassal Limit, + 50 legitimacy baseline

Leshii's Boon: +10 combat Advantage in Jungles, Forests, and Taiga

Full Moon's Wrath: + 20% Spirit Damage and Pursuit

The Secret of Gaia: - 20% Enemy Defensive Advantage, +10 Controlled Defender Advantage

Renew the Cycle: + 5 Prowess, Unlocks "Renew the Cycle" interaction

Stargazer Gifts.png


Muladhara: + 15% Stress Loss

Seed of Speech: + 1 "Learn Languages" scheme

Manipura: + 3 Prowess

Merciful Blow: - More likely to imprison in Sieges and Raids

Anahata: + 1 Diplomacy

Visuddha: + 1 Martial

Atma: + 1 Learning

Liberation of Flesh: Unlocks "Incorporeal Form" Shapeshifting Form

Thought Form of the Twelve Ministers: Unlocks "Attain True Spiritual Balance" interaction

Warder of Men.png

Warder of Men

Agro Culture: - + 0.05 monthly development growth

Control Simple Machine: + 20% Siege Weapon Effectiveness

Pennies from Heaven: + 15% Monthly Income

Web Walker: - 10% chance getting trapped in Umbra, + 10 monthly umbra exploration progress

Intrusion: - 20% Siege Time

Doppleganger: - Bonus to Shapeshift Character Interaction

Song of the City-Beast: + 0.3 monthly control growth

Calm the Flock: + 50 Popular Opinion, - 10% hostile country attrition

Black Spiral Dancer Gifts.png

Black Spiral Dancer

Bane Protector: + 20% Spirit Damage, + 10% Spirit Pursuit, Unlocks "Materialized Banes" Men-at-Arms

Toxic Claws: + 5 Prowess, Higher Chance to Maim Enemy Knights in Combat

Terrify: - 20% Dread Decay

Unseelie Faerie Kin: + 10% army pursuit, + 50% Faerie Damage and Pursuit, + 10 opinion with Autumn and Winter Fae

Dagger of the Mind: + 5% personal scheme success chance, Unlocks "Seed Emotion" interaction

Summon Wyrm Elemental: + 20% Spirit Damage, + 10% Spirit Pursuit, Unlocks "Sludge Elemental", "Balefire Elemental", "Smog Elemental" and "Toxin Elemental" Men-at-Arms

The White Howl: + 5 Prowess, + 10% Dread Gain, Higher Chance to kill Enemy Knights in combat

Totem Form: Unlocks a Totem Form Shapeshift option

Prelude to the Apocalypse: +50% Spirit Damage, + 30% Spirit Pursuit, Unlocks "Tear Down the Gauntlet" in the Umbra Panel

White Howler Gifts.png

White Howler

Shining Sigils: + 1 diplomacy per level of Fame

Haunting Howl: "Haunting Howl" Battle Modifier

Pain-Strength: "Pain-Strength" modifier if wounded

Waking the Dead: + 20% pursuit efficiency, + 20% scheme discovery chance, + 10% army pursuit, + 10% Men-at-Arms pursuit

Blooding Fury: Unlocks "Blooding Fury" interaction

Maddening Howl: "Maddening Howl" Battle Modifier

White Fire: Wound enemy knights in combat

Howl of Healing: Heal ally knights in combat


Garou Ragabash.png


Liar's Face: + 10 % Hostile Scheme Success Chance

Snow Running: + 50% Movement Speed in Winter

Obscure the Truth: Unlocks "Study the Art of Scheming" Decision

Peace of the Counselor: + 30 Councillor Opinion

Sticky Fingers: Unlocks "Buy Artifact Claims" interaction

Deliberate Misinformation: Unlocks "Claim Throne" Scheme

Reynard's Lie: Unlocks "Expedite Schemes" Decision

Fool's Luck: + 25% Hostile Scheme Success Chance, +25 Hostile Scheme Resistance

Firebringer: Adds a chance to gain a lifestyle perk with every supernatural killed, and allows you to teach a lifestyle perk to gain prestige and renown

Garou Theurge.png


Spirit Speech: + 10% Spirit Damage, + 20 Spirit Pursuit, Unlocks "Materialized Spirits" Men-At-Arms

Sense Wyrm: + 25 Hostile Scheme Resistance

Hear the Silence: Unlocks "Meditate in Seclusion" Decision

Sense Chiminage: + 100% monthly Lifestyle Experience

Spirit Skin: + 15% Army Toughness

Name the Spirit: - 10% spirit maintenance, - 10% spirit recruitment cost, Unlocks "Seek Aid from the Spirits" Decision

Prophetic Vision: Unlocks "Divine the Stars" Decision, Less chance of prisoners escaping, Notification for murder schemes against family and lovers/consorts

Spirit Vessel: + 5 Prowess, + 5 Learning, Huge Health Boost

Rebirthing: When you die, you will be replaced by a 1 Year Old Kinfolk who is guaranteed to become a Garou. Your Auspice may change

Garou Philodox.png


Truth of Gaia: + 25% Find Secrets Progress Speed

Aura of Leadership: Unlocks "Judge of the Land" Decision

Fangs of Judgement: + 10 Faith Hostility Advantage

Command the Gathering: Increase "Judge of the Land" benefits

Bonds that Tie Us: + 10 Vassal Opinion

Undisputed Ruler: + 10% Vassal Tax and Levy Contribution, + 35 legitimacy baseline

Roll Over: Increase "Judge of the Land" benefits

Scent of Beyond: + 50 Hostile Scheme Resistance

Release from Bondage: Gain "Unbondable" trait, Gain strong mental defence, Unlocks "Break the Bonds" interaction

Garou Galliard.png


Primal Song: Unlock "Primal Song" Interaction

Howls in the Night: + 10 Controlled Territory Defender Advantage

Mimic: + 1 "Learn Languages" Scheme, + 75% "Learn Language" scheme Power

Song of Heroes: Improves "Primal Song" Benefits

Veil of the Mother: - 30% Enemy Hostile Schemes success chance

Song of Rage: Improves "Primal Song" Benefits

Bridge Walker: + 25% Diplomatic Range, - 10% enemy defender Advantage

Song of the Siren: Improves "Primal Song" Benefits

Storyteller: - 10% friendly fatal casualties, Unlocks "Storyteller" interaction

Garou Ahroun.png


Battlesense: - 25% Enemy Defensive Advantage

Inspiration: Unlock "Inspiration" Interaction

Pack Tactics: Improve "Inspiration" benefits

True Fear: + 50% Dread Gain

Shake the Earth: - 25% Siege Time

Challenge of Single Combat: Unlock "Punish Criminal" Interaction

Strength of Will: Improve "Inspiration" benefits

Shared Strength: Unlock "Shared Strength" interaction

Unstoppable Warrior: + 25 Prowess