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Is this based on a book?

This mod is inspired by the World of Darkness role-playing games. Starting with Vampire: the Masquerade, that is more than 30 years of universe building by authors, storytellers and players spanning hundreds of table top roleplaying game books, novels, card games, board games, a half dozen video games, youtube live sessions like “L.A. By Night”, the “Kindred: the Embraced” television drama and even a mod for Crusader Kings II. The 1230 bookmark is Classic World of Darkness (CWOD) regard as canon in the following order of precedence: Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition: The Dark Ages, V20 Dark Ages Companion, Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Edition/V5 (largely for hunger mechanics, resonance, etc…), Cults of the Blood Gods, Dark Ages: Vampire (2002), Dark Ages: Europe, DAV: Players Guide to High Clans, DAV: Players Guide to Low Clans, Veil of Night, France by Night, Transylvania by Night, Constantinople by Night, Jerusalem by Night, Iberia by Night, Winds from the East, Cainite Heresy, Dark Ages: Inquisitor, Dark Ages: Inquisitor Compaion, Ashen Cults, The Ashen Knight, The Ashen Thief, Under the Black Cross, Bitter Crusade, Clanbook: Cappadocian, House Tremere, Clanbook: Salubri, Clanbook: Baali, World of Darkness: Mummy Second Edition, Dark Ages: Werewolf, Dark Ages: Fae, Changeling: the Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition, Libellus Sanguinis series, Transylvania Chronicles series, Giovanni Chronicles series, Dark Ages Clan Novel Saga and other old World of Darkness resources. The 1230 bookmark may also take on minor elements from Chronicles of Darkness such as vampire dynasty names and Coat of Arms for houses.

Instead of the description of any action, choice or character, I’ve only got written: ‘podintroductions.2001.d’ or a different number

You are playing in a language other than English or Chinese. CK2 defaulted to English when there was no localization present for another language. CK3 defaults to showing the localization reference rather than the English localization. There are other translations being worked on. You can help by joining the discord and discussing it on the appropriate language channel. See also: Russian Translation, Korean Translation 한글화 Spanish Translation and Italian Translation submods.

Do mortals know vampires have taken over the map? Where is the Byzantine Emperor? What if I want to play a mortal?

The map reflects the politics of the supernatural world, not those of the mortal world. The world that mortals know is still there, this mod’s map is a depiction of the secret underworld of monsters, just out of view of mortals. Its sort of like a map of mafia family territories. The Toreador might control Paris, while the Ventrue control London, but there is still mortal kings of France and England. Sometimes, events in the mortal world do have an influence on supernatural society, this mostly comes from events that seem related to Gehenna or the supernatural monsters taking interests in the lives of mortal Great Persons. Right now, mortal play is not an option in the mod; however you can choose to play a mortal witch-hunter–such as a member of one of the Shadow Inquisition Orders in the Dark Ages: Inquisitor bookmark.

When my vampire character embraces a mortal character that character is not set as childe of my vampire character. They are a member of my vampire character’s house. Is my game bugged?

This is mostly likely this caused by a vampire character sire not being in age older than the embraced childe. CK3’s engine does not allow for a parent to be younger than their children. Vampire duchies and above use elective succession, while counties use primogeniture. Your character is also missing out on having an opinion bonus with their childe. Try aging your character via console command if the character seems to young on game start.

I can’t figure out how to increase development. How do I do it?

With a few rare exceptions, you don’t. Vampires are parasites on society more than its movers and shakers. They have enough influence to hide their existence, hunt mortals and increase their permanent wealth–but they can’t influence the establishment of a city or its growth. There are specific cities on the map with high development. These are geographic prizes to take. Also, we wanted to avoid situations like the prince of Siberia raising its development high. We also use development as a stand in for the population of a city. Hunters, even those of the Shadow Inquisition, are too focused on hunting vampires to spend time and have much impact on development.

I can’t figure out how to convert the culture of my provinces. How do I do it?

You don’t. Vampires are parasites society more than its movers and shakers. They have enough influence to hide their existence, hunt mortals and increase their permanent wealth–but they can’t influence the mass population adopting a new culture or changing its language. Those of you dreaming of re-establishing ancient Roman culture in Europe as a vampire will be disappointed. While vampires have minimal influence on county culture; they can convert to the local culture.

What is resonance?

See here.

Conversion of provinces and other vampires to my faith seems slow. Is my game broken?

It is not. We have made it more slower and more difficult to change the faith of a province or to get a vampire to change their Road/Path.

All my councilors are terrible!

Paradox has set guidelines for character stats in the game files but doesn't adhere to them, PoD does. This is done intentionally because over the course of an immortal lifetime, landed characters will naturally accumulate lots of stats from perks, artifacts, and the like.

In the earlygame, it can be better to fire your councilors than to risk them causing problems (like giving claims to your neighbors or revealing your secrets).

I’m broke. How do I make money in this mod?

Try black mail. Try raiding. Be careful in your selection of buildings to build.

Why does this character have the sexual orientation that they do?

By default, unless a character has specified a sexual preference in the history files, sexual orientation is assigned at random with more weight towards heterosexuality and the least weight towards asexuality. This is the vanilla CK3 behavior.

I'm a Baali, how do I interact with Demons?

If you started on the Dark Ages: Vampire bookmark, only Vampires and their servants exist on the map. You need to start on one of the other bookmarks where Demons exist.

Can I play as an Antediluvian?


There is an event chain roughly 200 years into the game that lets the player diablerize certain Antediluvians. Success will make the player a "Young Third", aka a Third Generation who hasn't grown into their powers yet.

A fully-powered Antediluvian is so far off the scale that it's impossible to model their planet-destroying power level with CK3 mechanics.

I can’t figure out which clan to play, help me pick!

Try this quiz.

I subscribed to the mod. It doesn’t seem to load.

Try unsubscribing, resubscribing, waiting for the mod to download (unzipped, it is nearly a 2GB in size). You may also need to uninstall the Paradox Launcher, unsubscribe from the mod, delete the contents of your mod directory, subscribe to the mod, reinstall the Paradox launcher. You might also try downloading the zip file directly from mods.paradoxplaza.com.

What other mods are compatible with Princes of Darkness mod?


This mod is not compatible with Nope’s “Vampirism and Lycanthropy” mods. Princes of Darkness mod is very complicated and modifies many aspects of the vanilla game including GUI elements. It is not compatible with most other mods. A list of mods that are/were compatible can be found here.

Why don't you expand the map to China? Why isn't this mod compatible with Asia Expansion Mod?

Alexander Oltner stated in the CK3 floor plan that "eventually want to Expand the Map, to include the rest of the Old World" & add Imperial Mechanics. We will wait for CK3 to expand the map to Asia & expand the mod there at that time--rather than doubling our work by doing it first with Asia Expansion Mod & then again when CK3 expands the map to "include the rest of the Old World".

White Wolf detailed a lot of Asia in its Kindred of the East and related books. The expectation among our players is when we cover a part of the World of Darkness, we try to include as many canon details as we can. So, expanding to Asia is not as simple for us as just removing our map shading.

I'm using GamePass and the mod isn't working correctly.

Some players have issues with using the mod with GamePass. Most of the time, they manage to solve it by a fully manual installation of the mod (you can download it from Paradox Plaza then install it manually). Some users never manage to make it work even with a manual installation. You can also try purchasing the full game from Steam or the Paradox store.

How do I manually install the mod?

See this guide on manual installation.

Are there any other Wikis?

First, have you explored this wiki completely yet? Yes, there are other wikis you might find helpful! Try these:

But I don’t want to read! Are there any videos or podcasts?

Why is it called "splat"?

From the Unofficial White Wolf Wiki:

Back in the days of early dot-matrix printers, the asterisk (*) resembled a squished insect in some printer fonts, with six legs splayed out. As a result, it was often referred to as a "splat" by programmers who wished to save time (something like calling the "exclamation point" a "bang"). In later computer usage, it was often used as a wildcard character in searches to represent any or all results; e.g. searching a directory for "*.bat" would display all files that ended with the .bat extension.

As a result, on USENET when discussing the clanbooks (and tribebooks, tradition-books, etc.), many people began referring to them as "*books." This evolved into the term "splatbook." Naturally, it followed that a clan, tribe or other faction would therefore be a splat.