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Exalted Mods for Crusader Kings 3

Princes of Light - Dark Ages Exalted vs World of Darkness (Submod for Princes of Darkness)

The Dark Ages. Constantinople, the Eternal City, is still hot with the embers of the 4th Crusade. It is May, and the summer is one almost as if any other. During the day, normal men and women toil beneath the wills of Kings, Great Conquerors, and Religious leaders. The winds from the east blow in tales of the arriving Mongol Empire, its commanders laying low all those who oppose them. The Lands of the Crescent and the Cross spill blood in oceans. And at Night, things lurk in the darkness. When men and women go to their beds, the dead rise from their tombs and slake their thirst on the lifeblood of mortals, men who are truly wolves hunt and slaughter without recourse and revel in the slaughter in moonlit woods. Magicians and alchemists laugh as the dredge up ancient spells and seek to contort and bend reality to their whims. Horns blow and mad gods laugh as Fae dance through the night, leaving cribs empty and entire families never to be seen again. The edifices of faith mobilize zealots who will set innocent souls to flame for no other sin than not living by the creed of ancient texts, praising a god of mercy while reveling in violence. Ancient dead in the sands of times long passed wait for the day to rise from their bandages and reclaim the world, and the aristocratic dead of the East hold courts and debates while stealing the breath from children.

But this is not the World that once was. The World was raised from Chaos, and it fell back into it. The World of Darkness is the guttering embers of a time long passed. And in the Shadows of the Deepest Darkness, there are remnants there, clinging to ancient bloodlines from a time before time. Then, on May 14th, 1230 CE, an Eclipse took the light from the world, and in a brief moment, day became night. Men and Women went to bed confused, only for the sun to return and call them awake.

But some did not wake up the same. Something in the Himalayas stirred open, as a flood of energy washed over Creation once more, and Gaia felt her heart beat once more, as she dreams of ages long past. Her lost children turn their skies upward, as what was held within spews forth. And the Darkness trembles, for the Once Princes of Creation wake up, as mortal men and women rise from their beds not as normal people. But as Exalted.

The Celestial Exaltations spew forth from Mount Everest and find Champions. Ancient Gods waken from their slumber and send forth their Champions. Dark Power spews forth from Hell. And Gaia's Eldest Children emerge from their long exile.

Princes of Light is a Submod for Princes of Darkness for Crusader Kings 3. In it, you can play any of the supernaturals in the World of Darkness, but also, the Exalted, the ancient heroes of times long past. Inspired by all editions of the Exalted Tabletop Role Playing Game, Exalted vs World of Darkness, and all versions of the World of Darkness. Once upon a time, the Exalted setting was meant as a 'Prehistory' of sorts for the World of Darkness, a time of epic heroes before a time of monsters in the shadows. Princes of Light is an attempt to reconcile all these together for a new and fun change for the traditional CK3 and Princes of Darkness game. There are some departures however, from the expectations of all of them, in order to reconcile both gamelines, as well as the Fan Made Exalted vs World of Darkness, together. In Princes of Light, Exalted start out not much greater than a mortal, average, but as they grow in power, Exalted will be able to shake both the supernatural and mortal world with their incredible might. The Black Vault within Mount Everest, in this time where the world is ruled by Faith, the lifeblood of faith and magical energy is strong enough the Exalted could start it further and make a world not far from the one the Exalted lost so long ago. The question remains; can you win that world back?

Work in progress

Exalted - Crusade for Creation (Standalone Mod)

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