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Princes of Darkness add many events, but some of them stand off because they can be easily missed, offer especially grand rewards or various other factors. Those are included here.

Major chain of events

Quincunx Formation (1301/1372)

  • 1301 : Revolt of the "Black Tortoise Court" and the "Scarlet Phoenix Court" convert to "Golden Court"
  • 1304 : Council of Dragons. Forming of the Quincunx.
    • The "Azure Dragon Court" divides into "Green Court" of Korea (allied to the Quincunx ) and "The Clans of the Sun"
    • The "Yellow Emperor Court" is now reformed into the "Jade Court"
  • 1319/1354 : End of the "White Tiger Court" (unless united by the player)
  • 1360 : Quincunx Vanguard attacks the Anda (unless player stopped them)
  • 1372 : Destruction of the corrupted "Black Tortoise Court" (unless purified by the player)

The Black Death (1350/1370)

  • 1347 : Players gets a warning and the chance to take measures to prevent the severity of the outbreak.
  • 1350 : The world is devastated. Each county gets either Small Devastation (can lose all buildings in a barony not being the county capital). Medium devastation (can lose all buildings up to 2 baronies, including the county capital). High devastation (lose all buildings in the county). Plus the associated modifiers and flat loss of development. Having taken measures + being of a caring faith gives more chance of only a small devastation.
  • 1355 : The Scourge starts. This mutated strain of the Black Death affects vampires with debuffs depending on its severity.
  • 1356/1370 : Waves of Scourge. During each wave, 30 rulers are affected by the Scourge, then spread it to their entourage and neighbors.
  • 1370 : Last wave of the Scourge, end of the event

Age of the Inquisition (1430/1455)

Starts in 1430. Powerful (depending on your game rules) stacks of Inquisitors will start to spawn on the various regions of the world. They are a serious threat if you are playing a vampire and a potential boon if you are playing an Inquisitor (they will always accept vassalization in such a case).

Anarch Revolt (1450)

Many vampires (mostly young ones and Brujah) will convert to the Anarch faith. The Anarch faith gets a powerful modifier until 1493 to make it more dangerous. Two Antediluvians will “die” between 1450 and 1493 and their clans will join the Anarch Revolt as well.

Antediluvian Hunt (1451)

The player can try their hand at hunting an Antediluvian themself. The chances of success are absurdly low. Each Antediluvian has a different chain of events, with a different story and different prerequisites to truly succeed. A partial success will lead to a “false third” generation outcome. A true success will lead to a “young third” modifier.

Convention of Thorns (1493)

Each clan choose a representative (weighted by realm size, rank etc) that will decide the course of action for their clan during Thorns. The choices are Camarilla (most of the clan convert to Camarilla), Independent (no changes), Opposition (will lead to the next major event). Caitiff, Salubri and Ravnos will only be invited if they are relevant to European politics at this time.

  • Birth of the Sabbat (1495)

The clans who picked “Opposition” during the Convention of Thorns will now form the Sabbat. Several years later, they will create the Sabbat Paths of Enlightenment and convert to them.

Minor chain of events

Ulf’s Hall (1232, Scandinavia)

Various outcomes, from gold to a potential childe.

The Hunter (1235, Germany)

Can lead to Karl Schreckt’s recrutment if Inquisitor, imprisonment if vampire.

Aftermath of a Dream (1239, Italy)

Various outcomes, from a county modifier to a shard of Hagia Sophia.

The Last Cathar (1245, France)

Can lead to gaining True Faith.

The Silent (1249, Middle East)

Can lead to Tariq as a potential childe.

The Monster (1283, Byzantine region)

Can lead to Strohmann as a potential childe.

The Mage (1301, Iberia)

Can lead to Roderigo al Dahkil as a potential childe.

The Mamluk (1350, Egypt)

Can lead to Mukhtar Bey as a potential childe.

The Hound (1354, Britannia)

Can lead to Talley as a potential childe.

The Noblewoman (1426, Italy)

Can lead to Genevra recruitment as both an Inquisitor or a vampire.

The Sorceress (1450, North Africa)

Can lead to Elaine de Calinot as a potential childe.

1510 setup events

The God King Ponders

Mithras will choose early on to commit to the Camarilla or remain independent, all characters on the Via Mithras will follow his lead.

The Treaty of Tyre

The Assamites can’t attack any Camarilla character as long as this modifier is active.

The Tremere Blood Curse

The Assamites will be affected by this curse until a solution is found, by finishing a special decision.

The Cappadocian Purge

The Giovanni are now a full fledged clan, the surviving Cappadocians (except Apacia) are targeted by the Purge until 1560.

* Dev build only for now