Demon Objectives

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Our bookmarks have a number of powerful and fun objectives for Demon to attempt. These objectives will shape the world around them with rewards ranging from Titles and Traits to rewards that can change the world. Note that the AI can also complete these objectives, and there are some which overlap.

Demon Objectives

Corrupt the World

Available to: Demons

Requirements: Capital Empire must completely follow your Faith

Rewards: Personal Prestige, Unlocks "Lore" Lifestyle Tree, Guaranteed vassalization of independent Demon rulers of your faith, Unlocks Great Holy Empire War, Eternal Lust/Wrath/Gluttony/Sloth/Avarice/Pride/Envy (depending on your faith) House modifier, Gain better Infernalists with the "Lure Infernalits" Decision

Abyssale Prison Break

Available to: Demons

Requirements: Completed "Corrupt the World" Objective, Prowess 90+, Arcana Perks 10+, Gold 5000+, Prestige 5000+

Rewards: Personal Prestige, "Earthbound Demons" MAA, You cannot be trapped in the Abyss anymore, You can create Demons,

Final War

Available to: Demons

Requirements: Completed "Abyssale Prison Break" Objective

Rewards: "Final War" Modifier, Declare War on every Ruler (except Demons and Infernalists)

Divine Forgiveness

Available to: Demons who prove themself worthy

Requirements: Completed "Abyssale Prison Break" Objective, Piety below 0, Thralls = 0, Realm Size = 1

Rewards: Divine Forgiveness?


Available to: Fallen Demons with Host

Requirements: Host can have children and is married, You completely control Scandinavia OR You completely control Burma OR You have 20 courtiers with the "Lament" trait

Rewards: Personal Prestige, Dynasty Prestige, "Progenitor of Nephilim" Modifier, "Paragon" Trait, Your Faiths fervor increases by 25

Restore Babylon

Available to: Demons

Requirements: Independent, Exalted among Men, Realm Size 50+, You control Kufa

Rewards: Personal Prestige, Dynasty Prestige, Guaranteed vassalization of independent Demon and Infernalist rulers, "Hanging Gardens" Building in Kufa, "Babylon" Empire title

* Dev build only for now
** Currently in Development