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Coteries are adventuring parties that will help you on your Journeys. They can either speed up the Planning Phase, or help with skill checks during a Journey.

Coterie Mechanics

Example Coterie

During a Journey, skills are shared between Coterie members. For example, if a situation during a Journey demands diplomacy, it only considers the diplomacy skill of your most diplomatic Coterie member.

You can invite characters to your Coterie if they fulfill these conditions:

  • At least 50 opinion of you
  • Part of the same realm (in other words, you share the same top liege)
  • They aren't already in another Coterie
  • Splats are compatible (e.g. Vampires can't invite Vampire hunters)
  • Mortals can only be invited by other Mortals or Hunters. Demons can invite mortal Thralls. Mummies can invite mortal Neteru.

If a Coterie member drops below -25 opinion, they will leave your Coterie and become your rival.

Kicking a Coterie member makes them your rival as well. Werewolves can't kick other members at all, since they packbond for life.

Canon Coteries

Certain characters are already in a Coterie at the start of the game.

The First Sinners

  • Camilla 'Pontifex Maximus of the Damned'
  • Anconia Messalina 'the Intense Venus'
  • Servius Marius Pustula 'the Preacher of Sin'

Mithras' Praetorians

  • Mithras 'the Lord of Light'
  • Marcus Verus 'the True Loyalist'
  • Thomas Beckett Camden 'the Gentleman'
  • Aethelwulf 'Warlord of Avalon'

Noblesse of Lyon

  • Francois d'Alencourt 'Noblesse Oblige'
  • Conrad d'Alencourt 'the Unproven Son'
  • Blanche d'Alencourt 'the Heir Apparent'

Eon's Crusaders

  • Eon de l'Etoile 'the Opportunistic Crusader'
  • Mouse
  • Crepin de Beaumont 'le Prevot'
  • Isarn de Voisins 'Blunt Instrument'

Tunis' Renewal

  • Sophoniba 'the Living Tragedy'
  • Abirami 'the Stern'
  • Agathon 'Master of Law'

Familia Giovanni

  • Augustus Giovanni 'the Patriarch'
  • Claudius Giovanni 'Augustus' Right Hand'
  • Ignazio Giovanni 'Family Muscle'

Founders of Germany

  • Hardestadt 'the Master'
  • Adana di Sforza
  • Josef von Bauren

Frankfurt's Senators

  • Julia Antasia 'the Roman Relic'
  • Angiwar 'Hope of the Clan'
  • Giselher 'the Model Prince'

Knights of the Black Cross

  • Jurgen von Verden 'the Sword-Bearer'
  • Akuji 'the Tale-Weaver'
  • Lucretia von Hardtz 'Knight of the Black Cross'

The Silent Fury

  • Armin Brenner 'Murderer of Kings'
  • Christoffel Weiss
  • Mathilde de'Moncourt
  • Masha Ulitzakaya 'the Feral'
  • Pierre Cardinal

Nordic Ventrue

  • Agnethe Sannrste 'the Lawgiver'
  • Olav Wiklund 'the Unconcerned Soldier'
  • Rosenkrantz 'the Elder'
  • Herman Radov 'Vanguard of the Ventrue'

Bar Sinister

  • Ludwik Dymitr 'the Spiteful'
  • Tshaya 'the Witch'
  • Juliote de Sost
  • Andreas Andreason 'Lord in Waiting'

Ferals of Livonia

  • Qarakh 'the Untamed'
  • Deverra 'Goddess of Strife'
  • Alessandro de'Garcia 'the Iberian Hound'
  • Grandfather

Prague's Redemption

  • Ecaterina 'the Wise'
  • Serena 'Reluctant Adventurer'
  • Wilhelm Streicher

Andreas' Caravan

  • Andreas Aegyptus 'He Who Lives For The Sun God'
  • Dehaan 'the Rooster'
  • Mre-Ba 'Born from Fire'
  • Goreb

Principled Latins

  • Gabriella of Genoa 'the Latin Dissenter'
  • Gradin
  • Pasqual

Heirs of Enoch

  • Anadja 'Heir to the Throne'
  • Flavius Belisarius 'the Military Prefect'
  • Shabah 'Lovestruck Ghost'

The First Ashirra

  • Suleiman Ibn Abdullah 'Mullah of the Ashirra'
  • Zayyat 'the Sandstorm'
  • Tarique al-Hajj 'Guardian of the Holy Cities'

The Erinyes

  • Adriane 'the Older Sister'
  • Chrysogone 'the Middle Sister'
  • Eupraxia 'the Younger Sister'

Carnival Moriendi

  • Margot d'Estres 'the Ringmistress'
  • Yusuf al-Ghazali 'of the Carnival Moriendi'
  • Hrothulf 'Lord of Wolves'
  • Ori 'Master of Flies'
  • Euryale

Fratres Plaga

  • Holiman 'Fratres Plaga'
  • Gentilman 'Fratres Plaga'
  • Carnifex 'Fratres Plaga'

Crew of the Red Thor

  • Valborg 'Crooked-Eye'
  • Mikkel 'the Unrestrained'
  • Kindling Asgeirr 'Bitter Viking'

Khopesh of the Avenger

  • Horus 'the Avenger'
  • Hetch-Abehu 'Devoted Soldier'
  • Neith 'Isis' Wrath'
  • Netjeru-Khemi 'Heart of Justice'

Gladius Dei

  • Leopold von Murnau 'Heir of the Inquisition'
  • Baudioun 'Le Breton'
  • Otto von Murnau 'the Analytic Inquisitor'
  • Aveline von Murnau 'the Socialite Inquisitor'

Field of Stars

  • Augustin Rodriguez 'Brother-to-Stone'
  • Rebecca 'Broken-Claw'
  • Ruiz al Rashid 'Walks-the-Wind'
  • Steadfast-Hill
  • Lucita Suarez 'Leaps-from-Shadows'

Crescent Moon

  • Yuri Tvarivich 'Heir of the Firebird'
  • Sophia Tvarivich 'Heir of the Firebird'
  • Katja
  • Igor Valkov 'the Boatman'
  • Boris

Bright Promise

  • Isabeau du Laurent 'Unbreaking-Stone'
  • Aldo di Venezia 'Golden-Fangs-of-Dawn'
  • Rising-River
  • Mohammed ibn-Walid 'Thirteen-Stars-Falling'
  • Simon ben Levi 'Brother-Steel'

Sun's Glory

  • Silver-Howl 'the Reluctant Heiress'
  • Adalmund 'the Aging Squire'
  • Albrecht 'the Aging Confidant'
  • Childeric 'the War-Singer'
  • Guillaume 'Sun's Glory'