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Vampire society is divided by clans. This is a vampire group of shared "Blood" or heritage, who can trace their Generations back to a common ancestor, in particular to the Third Generation. Each clan has greater familiarity with a set of three Disciplines, a clan weakness largely unique to its members, and various stereotypes attributed to it as a result of a tendency to Embrace individuals with certain characteristics. In the mod, most content is tied to faiths, disciplines (which are obtainable by everyone with effort) and regions. But clans still play a big role, and some content is tied to being part of one.


The warriors scholars of Carthage and Hellas are bitter and angry, devolving into a rabble of rebels looking for a cause.

Weakness : Brujah are prone to frenzy. In the mod, they are more likely to get the various frenzy events.

Content : A dynasty legacy unlocks a unique Brujah Warmaster court position.


The scholars of death, cursed to go in cycles of death and rebirth for eternity.

Weakness : Cappadocians, past mortal age, will always look like corpses (both in lore and the mod).

Content : A dynasty legacy unlocks the Lamia bodyguard, representing the unique relationship between Cappadocians and the daughters of Lilith.

Lamia bodyguard.png


The Venetian necromancers, a bloodline sworn to the Cappadocians, but with their own ambitions and methods.

Weakness : While most other vampires' bite is a blissful experience, Giovanni's bite is always painful. In the mod, it disallows some predator types.

Content : GIovanni get access to the Familial Embrace mechanic, where they can nurture of their own mortal family for potential Embrace.



The ruthless darwinists, draped in shadows of their own creation.

Weakness : Lasombra cast no reflection, making them obsessed with their appearance. In the mod, it is represented as a potential chain of events.

Content : Lasombra get access to the Courts of Blood, allowing them to Petition for Sanctioned Diablerie of fellows Lasombra, and the Amici Noctis, their secretive leading organization steering the clan towards their own ends.

Lasombra content.png


Aesthetes and poseurs, leeching off humanity's imagination to feel alive.

Weakness : Toreador can get entranced for hours by something or someone they think beautiful. In the mod, it is represented as a potential chain of events.

Content : As their last dynasty perk, Toreador get access to 5 "mini wonders", powerful but expensive buildings.


Monsters and fiends, sending shudders down other vampires' spines.

Weakness : Tzimisce must always sleep close to some soil of their homeland. Represented as a travel speed debuff.

Content : The Rite of Release is a tradition for Tzimisce childer that happen several years after their Embrace, it happens as a small chain of events. Tzimisce also are especially geared towards "Revenant play" but it's not strictly limited to them.


Nobles and tyrants ruling the night.

Weakness : Ventrue have particular tastes and can only drink blood from a specific subset of mortals. Represented in the mod as a choice during the starting events.

Content : The Ventrue Ephorate is the shadow council of the 12 elders debating the stance and philosophy the clan as a whole should follow. As a game mechanic, it can give important dynasty modifiers to the Ventrue and open new events to a Ephor character.


Banu Haqim

Vizirs, sorcerers and warriors devoted to their vision of their founder, Haqim.

Weakness : Banu Haqim's skin darken with age. Represented as a game rule in the mod. Their second weakness, the Baali curse, happens during gameplay as a major event.

Content : The Web of Knives, allowing Banu Haqim to pursue contracts placed on other vampires for gold.



Nomads, wanderers, the Gangrel work with the Beast, not against it.

Weakness : Gangrel gain an animalistic feature when frenzying, both in lore and in the mod.

Content : As a dynasty legacy, Gangrel rulers can unlock the Rite of Status to formally introduce themselves to one another.


Seers and madmen, the Malkavian see truth and falsehood much clearer than other clans.

Weakness : Malkavian all have a derangement, represented as the lunatic, depressed, paranoid or possessed traits in the mod.

Content : Some dynasty legacies unlock the Madness Network interactions. Using them can lead to various events down the line at you explore it.


Deformed beyond belief, the Nosferatu must also face the wrath of their sadistic founder.

Weakness : All Nosferatu has hideously deformed, both in lore and in the mod.

Content : During your game, you will have reports of strange events in your domain that put your Nosferatu brethren in a fearful frenzy. Claiming those events are the work of the dreaded Nicktuku, they will ask of you to make (costly) preparations for defense.

A large majority of the time, these events will be red herrings, just simple paranoia... but sometimes, it will indeed lead to a confrontation with a Nicktuku, where the preparations you made might save your unlife.


Indian vampires, divided by castes, embroiled in an unending war for their homeland.

Weakness : Ravnos have compulsions, be they good or bad, to do a specific action even at the most inopportune of times. Not represented in the mod.

Content : Ravnos are divided by Jati (castes) represented as Houses in the mod. Each Jati has a mini objective to improve their starting house modifier.


Devoted followers of their God Set, ready to bring freedom and corruption to the world.

Weakness : Setites take double damage from the sun. Not represented in the mod.

Content : If you play a character with the via set religion, you can"corrupt" any vampiric religion that you hold at least 3 holy sites of. Corrupting here means making them a part of the pillars of Set, righteous to you and other members of this secret pact.



The Usurpers, former mages who wrestled immortality from other vampires, and must now fight to retain it.

Weakness : Tremere are especially easy to blood bound, both in lore and in the mod.

Content : The Inner Council, the ruling body of the Tremere, is a special mechanic available to all loyalist Tremere.

Tremere council.png