Blood Potency Hunger and Generation

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Blood Potency

Blood Potency is the inherent power of a vampire’s blood that grows slowly overtime and is limited by the generation of the vampire. Blood Potency decreases slowly in torpor. It can increase more quickly by diaberlizing vampires with higher blood potency. In the Tabletop, Blood potency impacts how quickly discipline usage increases hunger and how impactful your vampire powers like disciplines are. In Princes of Darkness, Blood Potency grants various skill benefits and health boosts, but also comes with feeding restrictions.


According to Cainites, it is the distances of a vampire’s blood from the father of all vampires–Caine. Caine is of the first generation. Vampires of the fourteenth generation or higher are ‘thin-blooded’ and are nearly human–barely vampires at all. Vampires who do not believe Caine is the progenitor often trace their generation back to some other mythical founder. Vampires can decrease their generation, and thus increase their potential power, by committing diablerie on a vampire of lower generation than their own.


Blood hunger is desire of a vampire to consume blood. It is caused by The Beast. The higher a vampire’s blood potency, the more blood they require to lower their hunger. Increasing hunger has both positive but largely negative impacts to a vampire. The only way a vampire’s hunger is completely satiated is by killing and draining all the blood of a victim. Even that sated hunger is temporary.



Discipline power bonus based on blood potency is not yet implemented in the mod. Blood surge does take blood potency into account.