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Adventurers are based on important vampires from the lore embraced after 1230. They somewhat take the role of “invasions” in the vanilla game as well. Adventurers follow this pattern :

Spawns at a specific year in a specific county (usurping it) with event troops and claims all around their spawning area. After a small delay, they will make demands of leaders of the area, different depending on the characters. Meeting those demands will most of the time vassalize the adventurer’s character. If not placated, they will continue as normal, with a particularly aggressive AI.


Spawns in 1381 in England (priority : Derby)

Will demand prestige, piety and a conversion to Via Furores to be placated.

An already Via Furores character can simply vassalize her with a special option.


Spawns in 1402 in Italy (priority : Milan)

Will demand prestige and piety to be placated.

Vlad Tepes

Spawns in 1495 in Hungary (priority : Beszterce)

Will demand prestige, piety and gold to be placated. Even then, he will not become a vassal, but will acknowledge the player as his sire.